Technical instructions for LaTeX 

Please download the Copernicus Publications LaTeX Package to prepare your manuscript. The package contains the LaTeX2e class file, the configuration file, all needed style files, as well as a template serving as the framework for your manuscript. Please download the Copernicus Publications LaTeX Package, version 4.6, 27 June 2017.

Authors are kindly requested to make use of the template.tex file embedded in the LaTeX Package since most of the definitions for the structure of manuscript elements are described there. Since we convert all typeset TeX files into XML, the expressions and markups have to be highly standardized. Therefore, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please provide only one figure file for figures with several panels, and please do not use \subfloat or similar commands.
  • Please use only commands in which words, numbers, etc. are within braces (e.g. \textrm{TEXT} instead of {\rm TEXT}).
  • For algorithms, please use the syntax given in template.tex or provide your algorithm as a figure.
  • Please do not define new commands.
  • The most commonly used packages (\usepackage{}) are integrated in the copernicus.cls. Some other packages often used by the community are defined in template.tex. Please do not insert additional ones in your *.tex file.
  • Spaces in labels (\label{}) are not allowed; please make sure that no label name is assigned more than once.
  • Please do not use \paragraph{}; only \subsubsection{} is allowed.
  • It is not possible to add tables in colour.

If you are familiar with BibTeX, you can use copernicus.bst from the package. It will sort your bibliography entries alphabetically and produce the proper layout of the reference list.

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